International Gallery Prize, Miami 2016

Jirí Kovanda, <em>Contact</em>, 2014

Jirí Kovanda, Contact, 2014

SVIT, based in Prague, Czech Republic, received the inaugural International Gallery Prize at NADA Miami Beach 2016. As recipient of the prize, the gallery was invited to exhibit at NADA Miami Beach for the first time in a sponsored booth.

“I’ve never been to US in my whole life and its been a goal to participate in NADA Miami Beach so winning the NADA x Exhibitionary International Exhibitor Prize is like a double fantasy come to life,” said Michal Mánek, owner of SVIT. “It’s been a very encouraging and stimulating moment for me. After doing NADA Cologne in 2012 and 2013, I was absolutely sure that our first fair in the U.S. would be NADA Miami Beach.”

The gallery presented work by Ajit Chauhan, David Krnansky and Jirí Kovanda at NADA Miami Beach, December 1–4, 2016.

“We’re happy to have Czech gallery SVIT as the recipient of the first NADA x Exhibitionary International Gallery Prize, not only because they are an excellent gallery with an exciting proposal for their first fair in the US, but because it marks a new way that NADA can support our international community.” said NADA Executive Director, Heather Hubbs.

The recipient was selected by the NADA Miami Beach 2016 Selection Committee.