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Soumya Netrabile, Motif No.14

Friends of NADA Edition 2023:
Soumya Netrabile
Powderhorn: Motif No.14
Watercolor and graphite on Arches paper
9 x 12 inches, 16 x 19 inches framed
(price includes frame and shipping within the US)

Referencing the musical idea of motif and how it embodies the experience of regular walks on a chosen path in the artist’s local woods, Soumya Netrabile’s Powderhorn series iterates and scrutinizes the document of a particular place. These works capture the nuances of light, color, and weather as the days change, and how those external observations influence her own memory and imagination of the habitual experience.

Soumya Netrabile (b. 1966, Bangalore, India) lives and works in Chicago.