New York Gallery Open 2020

March 8, 2020, 2pm EDT
In Conversation with Zsofia Keresztes
Elijah Wheat Showroom
1196 Myrtle Avenue
Installation view of Zsofia Keresztes, <em>Gloss Inviolability</em> at Elijah Wheat Showroom

Installation view of Zsofia Keresztes, Gloss Inviolability at Elijah Wheat Showroom

Zsofia Keresztes will address the site specific sculptures she has created since arriving from Budapest, Hungary within the exhibition entitled Glossy Inviolability.

The site specific sculptural installation has been fabricated for Elijah Wheat Showroom in conjunction with a residency sponsored by the gallery and Bubu Arts. The artist has been living with the owners of the gallery and using the exhibition space as her studio. She will address her inclusion of “Fakir” symbology and the tumbling boundaries of empathy that our society is met with while navigating falsities, pretense and negativity through our varying channels of communication.