December 3, 2022, 4pm EST
The Dreamer’s Toolkit: Web3 as a Space of Possibility
Ice Palace Studios
1400 North Miami Avenue
Kevin McCoy, Quantum, 2014

Kevin McCoy, Quantum, 2014

As an artist, the world of Web3 is one of creative expression, bound only by the edges of the internet. As a dreamer, Web3 presents a toolkit for creation that grants artists’ agency, opportunity, and freedom, within a vibrant community. With the help of organizations like Artwlrd, and DAOs such as FWB and Refraction, artists are able to create culture-changing works that support themselves, or dedicated causes, in perpetuity. The Dreamer’s Toolkit will discuss the various ways in which these organizations create infrastructure for supporting artists, and how artists utilize the tools at hand.

Panelists include Nato Thompson (Artwrld), Kevin McCoy (digital media artist), Eileen Isagon Skyers (Friends With Benefits), Malcolm Levy (RefractionDAO), and Makayla Bailey (Rhizome).