New York Gallery Open 2020

March 8, 2020, 7:30pm EDT
Kurt Schwerdtfeger, Reflektorishe Farblichtspiele (Reflecting Color-Light-Play)
Microscope Gallery
1329 Willoughby Ave., Brooklyn, NY
Microscope presents a live performance of Kurt Schwerdtfeger’s Reflektorishe Farblichtspiele (Reflecting Color-Light-Play), 1922/66, in connection with a solo exhibition of the work at the gallery through March 15th.

The piece—which consists of up to five movements, or “Sätze” including: Vegetativ Form, Bauhaus 1922, Streifen und Gitter (Stripes and Grids), Rotes Quadrat (Red Square), and Hommage à Oskar Schlemmer—utilizes a large hand-built cube projection apparatus in which performers activate stencil shapes and a switchboard of colored lights to form a complex, abstract light play appearing on its screen surface.

The performance features Tessa Hughes-Freeland on the keyboard-like light system; Genevieve White and Stephanie Wuertz manipulating the stenciled shapes, and Ray Sweeten on live sound augmentations to the 1966 soundtracks by Wolfgang Roscher, as well as offering additional visual support.