Image of artwork titled "Damussi in Pantelleria" by Iulian  Bisericaru

Iulian Bisericaru, Damussi in Pantelleria, 2020
oil on canvas
55 × 39 inches

*One asks himself: Why should I stay in the expensive and polluted city if the village, with its empty and clean streets, is awaiting me with fresh air and plenty of green?’ [* Jean-Luc Nancy]

In Pantelleria, the residential areas consist of a few houses placed here and there between one terracing of vines to another. Some places on the island are entirely not inhabited during the winter. Iulian Bisericaru traverses the inside-outside space, from the landscape into the domestic space and back again through some carefully placed details – a vase of flowers escaping into the wild landscape, the sketched out architectural lines, in-between construction and adaption.



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