Image of artwork titled "Mooni Fountain" by Scott Alario

Scott Alario, Mooni Fountain, 2022
Dye sublimation print on aluminum, in artist-made neodymium-glazed ceramic frame
16 × 12 inches

Scott Alario’s photographs are unique full color images printed onto metal and encased with ceramic frames that Alario creates himself. He takes color photographs in the outdoors with a digital camera, digitally converts the images to negatives, and then hand paints the resulting negative photographic images on a tablet. The combination of the ceramic frame and the metallic printing substrate lends his photographs a sculptural feel.

Alario received a MFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2013 and a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2006. His work has been discussed in The New Yorker, American Photo, Collector Daily, Time Lightbox, and, and is included in the collection of the RISD Museum, Providence, RI, among others.



Email: [email protected]