Image of artwork titled "CUTS: Low amenities score" by Jørgen Fog

Jørgen Fog, CUTS: Low amenities score, 2022
Teak veneered doors, aluminum, vinyl folio and sticker print
28.5 × 27.5 × 3.9 inches

The abstract order of human interrelations, and the virtual cosmologies of connectedness are the frame for these works.
Conceived as quasi architectural models and constructed of material from cut up hardwood veneered cellular core doors. The inner structure of the cellular doors giving the material both lightness and strength, of actual importance regarding the transportation of the works. The preoccupation with artisanal interventions made with structures and prosaic givens as material objects, meaning rises out of what are invariably imbued in the materials.
Being based on doors for commonplace modernist style architecture and consisting of tropical teak wood with cardboard core, the material itself provides connections and associations between worlds and values apart. Pasted with vinyl stickers and graphic folio print they display meaning expanding towards societal subjects dealing with broad concepts of human inhabiting.



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