Image of artwork titled "Under The Table" by Joey Fauerso
Image of artwork titled "Under The Table" by Joey Fauerso

Joey Fauerso, Under The Table, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
82 × 110 inches

From an conversation with Hills Snyder in Glasstire, Joey Fauerso describes her painting “Under The Table:”

“This was one of those paintings where the title came to me first. I was thinking about the idea that a lot of the most interesting stories and the most dramatic events are hidden from view, this has certainly been the case with most women’s lives up until very recently. Almost everything took place “under the table.” Have you ever seen pictures of Catherine the Great’s erotic furniture? I love it so much, there is a table that looks pretty traditional from above, but underneath there are huge penises and breasts. Catherine the Great was a master of concealment. Another recurring strategy in my work is to try to shift the conventions in traditional genres of painting, while still using those genres. So, in this case the still life — which is very still — is just the outer crust. As you point out, there is a much weirder, wilder, freer and more colorful world taking place below.”



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