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Image of artwork titled "Recurso" by Sandra Gamarra

Sandra Gamarra, Recurso, 2022
Iron oxide on canvas
51 × 63 inches

From the the series “Indian Red”.
The words “red”, “Indian”, apart from being the name that carries the color of iron oxide, are also used to refer to the native man of the Andes in a pejorative way. In this work, Sandra Gamarra criticizes the use of resources (in this case, natural resources) by the West in the colonized lands. The landscape is an appropriation of the work of Carlos De Haes, a Spanish-Belgian academic painter who considered that the ultimate goal of art is the faithful imitation of nature and that the artist should not be carried away by the imagination. In this sense, Gamarra also criticizes the frivolity with which the natural passage is conceived in the West in contrast to the environmental crises suffered in Peru.



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