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Image of artwork titled "“La censura de la orgasmia”" by Ali Salazar

Ali Salazar, “La censura de la orgasmia”, 2021
Acrylic on canvas
55 × 67 × 2 inches

Ali Salazar’s artistic practice revolves around a habitat of identities, personal experiences that constitute a remembrance of memory. Their projects seek to encourage dialogues and constructions from the TRANS and Child subjectivity, by approaching at productions of violence and the grotesque from the oneiric. It materializes in oneiric landscapes navigating through law enforcement entity violence with a defiant child gaze. They articulate a poetic-narrative in the pictorial, taking nature as a reference, they experiment with language with dynamics that seem non-sense, where the absurd is finally anchored to a variety of contexts that they have been working in their poetic voice.

This painting revolves around masturbation memories and fantasies, in which Salazar makes the mutability of bodies a way of evoking versatility and fluidity of sexuality. Where the dynamism of the scene indicates the force of desire, their paintings have a performative dimension, celebration openness, freedom and possibility.



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