NADA Curated by Catherine Taft

Image of artwork titled "Because in other words" by Reuben Merringer

Reuben Merringer, Because in other words, 2022
Hand applied inkjet on glossy stock
17 × 11 inches

Speculation is key to Reuben Merringer’s practice. The material process utilizes hand-applied inkjet ink on high quality photography paper—two materials formulated for faithful reproduction of a source image or file, and often marketed for their ability to duplicate reality. The result is work that is photorealistic in the sense that they physically resemble photographs, only they have no negative or source file informing the contents. The work is similar to photograms but does not utilize light, though the colors and contrasts are often suggestive of strange matter with diffractive and surface properties behaving according to an unknown physical logic. The process is aleatory and at the present moment fairly unpredictable.



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