NADA Curated by Catherine Taft

Image of artwork titled "Magenta Alert VIII" by J Knoblach

J Knoblach, Magenta Alert VIII, 2021
In collaboration with photographer Leone Julitte
Archival pigment print
24 × 36 × 1 inches
Edition of 5

How is time/
Who is space/
Why is the body//

Enjoy these masses/
Their volume near your own//

Consecrated waste/

Is the house of Muses drowning/
Who cares?//

Who sold us see-through/
But then blamed & said confess//

Use your nurdle rosary/
Blush away your blasphemy//

Point Nemo/
Is around the corner//

Primary colors/
Primary industries/
Petrochemical corridor//


Magdalene was crucified/
Jesus was tr*ns/
God swallowed the world//



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