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Image of artwork titled "Hunger" by Vincent Tiley
Image of artwork titled "Hunger" by Vincent Tiley
Image of artwork titled "Hunger" by Vincent Tiley

Vincent Tiley, Hunger, 2021
Leather biker jacket, resin cast teeth, animal horn, hardware
38 × 21 × 20 inches

Vincent Tiley’s work explores themes of embodiment, manifestation, prophecy, and optimism in the face of apocalyptic dread. In these works we understand that the future is sculpted by language and that language is manifest in the body. On a damaged and threatened planet, we must become necromancers or mad scientists–stitching together the parts of the world still containing the most life in order to create a shambling but working hope for the future.

Tiley’s works take the visual and material cultures of queer desire and survival as primary sources. Influenced by fashion, fetish, medicine, protest, and science fiction Tiley’s work combines these vernaculars with the methodologies of abstraction and durational performance.

The piece "Hunger" comes from a nightmare Tiley had during the Covid-19 Pandemic in which the virus was similar to zombie viruses in horror video games and movies. In the dream the virus caused a mutation in the cells of Tiley’s leather jacket causing it to mutate and grow teeth, until finally the jacket ate Tiley alive as he was wearing it.



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