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Jeff Bailey's Favorite Artworks From NADA x Foreland

Jeff Bailey is a collector, Shaker Museum trustee, and upstate resident. He is the former owner of Jeff Bailey Gallery.

Featured galleries include: Luis Accorsi, Hudson; JAG projects, New York; New Discretions, New York; New Release, New York; and Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest.
John Ahearn, Dalisha, 1989

"When was the last time a stranger caught your eye? As if passing you on the street, 'Daleesha'’s look of calm introspection is both confident and quietly heroic."

Christina Bolt, Navel, 2020

"I first saw Bolt’s ceramic sculptures in Hudson last year. There is a painterly touch to the organic forms. Softly colored glazes fade in and out and wrap around, as a vine might encircle a tree."

Clarity Haynes, Origin I, 2021

"Haynes’ paintings of women’s bodies are powerful and revelatory. In 'Origin I', she uses a tondo format, popular in the 15th century, to make a painting as timeless as it is contemporary."

Michael Childress, Phase / Broadcast, 2021

"Sometimes a pulsating painting is all you need. Measuring six by six feet, 'Phase / Broadcast' delivers. With replicating optical effects and planet-like orbs, it’s as energizing as it is calming."

Aurora Király, 50s or Soft Despair, 2021

Although the title references despair, there is something hopeful about the figure in black looking upward and striding forward. As other figures turn and tumble, a wooden ladder keeps them all suspended.