Michael Bauer, Baba Creme

Michael Bauer, Baba Creme $700

Baba Creme,, 2015
Full bleed six-color silkscreen
Printed on Letra Ecru 300 gsm

34.00 x 24.50 in
86.4 x 62.2 cm
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered by the artist on recto.

The imagery for this edition is derived in part from what Michael Bauer calls his “telephone drawings”—quick, loose sketches made while talking on the phone or otherwise distracted. Bauer saves these doodles, no matter how rough or silly, and uses them as raw materials to be copied, scanned, altered, and combined. Bauer often works in series, making groups of paintings that metaphorically “talk back” to one another while simultaneously standing on their own as individual works. As he says, “Every painting that I do relies on the last twenty I did.” In a neat literalization of his process, this print includes the words “baba” and “creme,” recurring terms Bauer uses as verbal readymades for their phonetic qualities and mutable meanings.


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