Katherine Bernhardt, Mr. Coffee with Fries

Katherine Bernhardt, Mr. Coffee with Fries $700

Mr. Coffee with Fries, 2015 Six-color silkscreen
Printed on Coventry Rag 335gsm

27.00 x 21.50 in
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered

This six-color silkscreen print is a prime example of Katherine Bernhardt’s recent painterly departure—moving from the glamorous, sexualize portraits of fashion models she is known for, into brightly colored jumbles of everyday objects. Her bold, jagged style, which recalls German Expressionism, is here applied to a “Mr. Coffee” coffee maker and French fries. Set against a florescent mint-green, Mr. Coffee with Fries takes on a new attitude of spontaneity for Bernhardt, whose recent work is both thought provoking and humorous.

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