Installation view: Ernesto Gutiérrez Moya presented by Emerson Dorsch Gallery, Miami
A young painter new to this country, Ernesto Gutiérrez Moya recently completed his studies at San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba. Often, Gutiérrez Moya paints observations of the way humans mediate and frame nature, especially in the cities and urban sprawl of both Havana and Miami, which share a great deal of architectural details and sensibilities. His evolving style responds readily to surrealist painters and also de Chirico, Monet and Rousseau. Indeed, his landscapes have a surreal and dystopian aspect, and they are dripping with the strange fecundity and decay unique to tropical ecosystems. Frames extant in landscape and domestic architecture are often a motif with which he structures his paintings, such that snapshots of disparate and disconnected landscapes co-exist on the same plane. The dislocation and disassociated aura of these paintings reflect Gutiérrez Moya’s own experience of displacement and disorientation.