New Art Dealers Alliance
Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Common Abnormalities In The Near Future, 2021
HD video
Edition 10 + 1AP
This video work is a continuation of Alejandro Almanza Pereda’s investigation on the behavior of objects and materials in water environments and the underwater image. The work frames a set of interactions between humans and mundane objects, while hands continuously will to set order and function in the common way we know it. On the other side, objects run a rebellion in collusion with the subaquatic forces, provoking failure and frustration in a dramatic and highly esthetic visual narrative. The collapse of the known order and the tension between humans and physicality is not rare since the last century space race astronauts training and experiments, typically done underwater. This familiarity with other gravitation is probably closer than we expected, while today we face the day to day obstination in the conquest of Mars as the alternative to Earth’s decay. Taking sculpture into a strong video statement, Almanza Pereda’s video work delivers a full visually and conceptually dystopian atmosphere.