NADA is pleased to present the fifth edition of NADA House, to take place at a new location in Nolan Park on Governors Island from September 1 through October 1, 2023.

The collaborative exhibition brings together art galleries and art spaces to present artists in a unique public setting, a 19th century former military house in historic Nolan Park.

The island’s changing identity over time—from its origins as Lenape land occupied by Native Americans of the Manhattan region to its role in the Revolutionary War, and later from its use by the US Army and Coast Guard, to its current state as a site for artistic, scientific, and urban experimentation—presents an unusual and exciting context for a group of artists to display their work.

As Governors Island has existed as a small community alongside, yet distinctly separate from the metropolis of New York City for many years, this project presents an opportunity to bring together artists and artworks that address its changing identity. During NADA House, Governors Island will also be host to numerous exhibitions, events, and residencies by arts organizations and nonprofits.

Participants will be announced in the coming weeks.