Contemporary Poetry

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Saturday, May 10, 12-6PM

NADA is pleased to present Contemporary Poetry, a marathon reading by 30 emerging and recognized New York based poets curated by Sam Gordon. The program will be held on Saturday, May 10th, 12-6pm at NADA New York in the upstairs Tacombi Lounge.

When Frank O’Hara wrote “Having a Coke with You”, poetry and painting walked hand in hand through the streets of New York. Contemporary Poetry collects a group of poets today, connected by varying degrees, once again engaged with artists in moments of dialogue and exchange.

12pm: Alina Gregorian / Ana Božičević / Andrew Durbin / Angelo Nikolopoulos / Ben Fama 
1pm: Billy Merrell / Corrine Fitzpatrick / Daniel Feinberg / Deanna Havas / Dorothea Lasky
2pm: Elizabeth Reddin / Ed Spade / Emily Skillings / Hansa Bergwall / Jamie Townsend
3pm: Joseph Bradshaw / Juliana Huxtable / Karen Lepri / Leopoldine Core / Matt Longabucco
4pm: Monica McClure / Rickey Laurentiis / Saeed Jones / Simone Kearney / Sophia Le Fraga
5pm: Stephen Motika / Svetlana Kitto / Ted Dodson / Zachary Pace / Adam Fitzgerald

The series of readings will be accompanied by a Contemporary Poetry zine scheduled to launch May 9 at Printed Matter at NADA New York. The publication will feature work from presenting poets and more. Additional contributors include Bianca Stone, Elaine Kahn, Litia Perta, Paul Legault, Trisha Low.


The program is dedicated in memory of Hudson. Special thanks to Kevin Killian for his generosity, BOMB magazine for support, and Ed Spade for inspiration.

*photo: Eve Fowler, Dike Blair, and Sam Gordon, Feature Inc., 2013

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