NADA Presents: Friday

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     Extensions, a performance by Naama Tsabar (at Spinello Projects #3.20)

    The Art of the (Cough) Deal: Why Artist-Gallerists Do It Better, a roundtable discussion on the merits and pitfalls of artist-run galleries, with Sarah Braman (CANADA), Max Warsh (Regina Rex), Ridley Howard (106 Green), Margaret Lee (47 Canal), Elyse Derosia (Bodega), moderated by Andrew M. Goldstein (Artspace/Phaidon) 

    Go Pro: The Hyper-Professionalization of the Emerging Artist, a conversation about the current state of the contemporary art world with Daniel S. Palmer, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Diane Simpson, and Jayne Johnson, moderated by ARTnews magazine editor M.H. Miller

    The Event Economy: The Role of Performance in Gallery Programming, a discussion with Emma Hazen (Kimberly-Klark), Claire Mirocha (Sorry Archive), Vanessa Thill (Sorry Archive), Mike Pepi, Rin Johnson, Harry Burke, moderated by Nicole Reber (Packet Biweekly)

    Art Fair, a screening of a new video work by Talk Hole (Steven Phillips-Horst & Eric Schwartau) followed by a discussion on the intersection of art and comedy

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