Spike Conversations: The Digital Object

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Saturday, April 16, 4pm
The Digital Object
Masha McConaghy (ascribe) & Dirk Paesmans (Jodi)
NADA Lounge, Art Cologne

Moderated by Spike editor Alexander Scrimgeour.

Increasingly it is clear that art can also be a website, a code, or a gif. But is there such a thing as a digital object? And if so, what does it mean for the display, distribution, and collection of art?

The curator and researcher Masha McConaghy is a co-founder of ascribe, a service for artists, galleries, collectors, art prizes and marketplaces to register, archive, transfer rights and track provenance of digital art. She lives in Berlin. 

Dirk Paesmans is one half of the collective JODI, which he founded in 1994 together with Joan Heemskerk. JODI are pioneers in creating net-based art.

Spike Conversations are dialogues with artists, curators, and critics about current developments in art and the art world. Topics of discussion include: “painting as code;” post-humanism and the possibility of its figuration, and “Is the artist obsolete?” The stage will be transformed into a green-screen box, with a DJ before and after the talks.

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