Maggie Lee’s Mommy

Maggie lee

NADAWAVE presents a screening of Maggie Lee’s MommyMommy is a portrait of the director’s mother before and after her unexpected death. Returning to her childhood home to renovate and sell the house, Maggie discovers secret artifacts from her mother’s life.

– Friday, December 4, 8:30pm seating, 9pm screening
– Beaches, 4299 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 
– RSVP to mommy@newartdealers.org
– Beta Pictures, 2015, 56 min.

NADAWAVE, the official after-party of NADA Miami Beach, is a two-night series of performances organized in collaboration with Common Space. The series focuses on artists and musicians working with unlikely combinations of sounds and influences. For complete NADAWAVElineup visit nadawave.com.

Maggie Lee (b. 1987) is a Taiwanese American artist based in New York. Since she was a teen she has made zines, shot photos for magazines, and made movies, her diaristic documentation referencing and responding to ideologies of alternative culture.

Beta Pictures is a studio that produces and distributes new independent films by American artists.

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