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NADAWAVE, the Official After-Party of NADA Miami Beach, returns this year as a a two-night series of performances organized in collaboration with Common Space. The series focuses on artists and musicians working with unlikely combinations of sounds and influences, presented in the context of a vibrant high-energy dance party. Visit nadawave.com for up to date schedule.

Sporting Life
Malcolm Mooney
9pm: Casey Jane Ellison screening

Juliana Huxtable
Jon Santos 
9pm: Maggie Lee screening

@ Beaches Bar & Grill 4299 Collins Ave

About Common Space
Common Space is an innovative, multi-disciplinary design studio based in New York City, founded by Jon Santos. Their projects are both self-initiated & commissioned works that seek to expand graphic design beyond traditional media (print, digital and screen based) towards participatory, performative, improvisational and experiential modes. commonspacestudio.com

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