Azikiwe Mohammed, “Outside And With Place”
Thursday, October 22, 4pm EDT

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Join NADA and Good Weather on Thursday, October 22nd at 4pm EDT, for Azikiwe Mohammed’s “Outside and With Place,” a new sound work by Azikiwe Mohammed, presented in tandem with an artist talk, Q&A, and raffle benefiting The New Davonhaime Food Bank.

This will be presented in conjunction with Azikiwe Mohammed’s “Welcome Home: A Sunday Afternoon” in Mariel Capanna’s “Little Stone, Open Home” at Good Weather, North Little Rock. Read the recent review of the exhibition here in Burnaway.

Azikiwe Mohammed’s Outside and With Place
Thursday, October 22, 4pm EDT / 3pm CDT
Via Zoom


About the Raffle:
The winner of the raffle will receive an original artwork—a “sandwich” sculpture like the one pictured above from the installation at Good Weather—by Azikiwe Mohammed.

Your donations will go to support the continued efforts of the New Davonhaime Food Bank, “a traveling food bank joining the fight to make all food to all the people a reality for as many as we can.” In this iteration the project will support Amboy Community Food Pantry, a local non-profit that serves Good Weather’s city of North Little Rock, Arkansas.

To enter the raffle send $20 via paypal to info@newdavonhaimefoodbank.com.

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