X Poly Nation


NADA, in collaboration with Night Gallery and Marc Leblanc, invite members to a west coast summer fete.

Location: Night Gallery, 2276 E 16 St. Los Angeles, CA
RSVP to: party@newartdealers.org

Pulled together by Tim Leanse, the evening’s live sound program will culminate with the psychscapes, proximate songs, and deft swings from local Drag City affiliate Sun Araw. Sam Rowell will continue her practice of perceptual play with a site specific performance utilizing analog electronics and smart lights. Seasoned sonic artisan Chiara Giovando’s set will draw from her most recent cycle of material that drifts from song and strum to heavy wails and processed hums. Ears will perk out of the blocks with AQH, a newly minted improvisational interplay between experimental guitarist Chris Cooper and percussionist Ted Byrnes.

Independent Curator, Marc Leblanc, will present a video program with artists Karen Cytter, Hannah Perry, Steve Reinke and James Richards. The selected works draw on themes of desire, identity, semiotics, and interpersonal relationships to elucidate the inherent relationship that video or film has to narrative – however abstracted, however polysemous.

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