NADA Miami Beach: Metal Fatigue Music

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Located on the parking ramp outside of the Deauville

Metal Fatigue Music (1992 Toyota Previa), 2013, is an audio-automobile performance scored for electronic music and boom car created by artists Ben Vida and Jeff DeGolier. Pure-wave tones sweeping through low frequencies are amplified via the Previa’s custom-built high amplitude sub-bass sound system, physically activating the body of the van and its occupants. Adventurous viewers will be invited into the MiniVan in groups of four and five to experience this intense and ecstatic sound and body event. Presented by Audio Visual Arts (AVA).

Artist and composer Ben Vida (BM Webster University, MFA Bard) releases records with PAN, Alku and Kranky and has presented work in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, Australia, South Korea and Japan. Artist Jeff DeGolier (BFA University of Washington, MFA University of Illinois, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture) is a founding member of the artist-run exhibition space REGINA REX. They both work and live in NYC. 

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