NADA Presents: Saturday

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12pm: Cloud Based Institutional Critique with Mike Pepi, Zachary Kaplan, and Orit Gat with special guests Barry Hoggard, Hannah Stamler, Daniel S. Palmer

How has artistic production and distribution been affected by the broad intellectual influence of tech entrepreneurs and so-called “Silicon Valley logic”? CBIC is a series of public conversations on this question, convened by art critic Mike Pepi, with Zachary Kaplan (Assistant Director, Rhizome) and Orit Gat (art critic and organizer, The Public School, NY). Join them and special invited guests for an hour-long open forum on art fairs and innovation.

1pm: Regina Rex presents Selections from Sports Closet, a performance by Alina Tenser

In Selections From Sports Closet, a set consisting of a folding-screen shifts, collapses, and forms to Tenser’s movements.  The screen is a nod to the artists video work in which she choreographs herself with made and found objects, essentially animating form with human breath and step. In Selections From Sports Closet, Tenser will move around the screen performing repetitive actions, or reps, with a series of objects that are reminiscent of fitness and domestic utility. The structure of the screen steers the actions within and around moments of privacy.  Presented in collaboration with Regina Rex.

2pm: Professionalism and its Discontents, a panel discussion organized by the Shandaken Project 

This panel talk, organized by the Shandaken Project, will explore how increasing professionalization in the visual arts has affected artists, organizations, and cultural production generally. The panel will ask: What assumptions are collectively made about the market, education, museological practice, and the other aspects of a professionalized milieu; and how might those assumptions affect culture workers? If institutionalized systems of knowledge and understanding are dismantled or ignored, how might art be valuated, and to what end will it be produced? How does class-position impact artists and their output?

Mary Walling Blackburn, artist
Ethan Philbrick, Performance Studies PhD candidate, NYU
Laurel Ptak, Curator, Director, Triangle Arts Association
Lise Soskolne, artist, core organizer of W.A.G.E.
Jack Waters, artist, former director of ABC No Rio.

4pm: Artspace presents: Whither the Art Gallery? (What are Galleries Good for These Days?) 

With so much of the speculative market for emerging artists migrating online, young talents have more opportunities than ever to choose alternative methods of selling and promoting their work, from selling directly through websites or social media to working with a new breed of “artist agents.” So, why continue to pay 50 percent of one’s proceeds to a dealer? Because as the market continues to go haywire, galleries are underscoring their roles as the champions and protectors of new talents, nourishing them on their rise and helping them through lulls—although the situation is not as simple as it might seem. This will be a conversation about this evolving landscape, and the considerations that both artists and dealers have to navigate. 

Sarah Douglas, Editor-in-chief, ARTnews
Jack Hanley, Jack Hanley Gallery
Carlos A. Rivera, Founder, Art Rank
Carole Server, collector
Moderated by Andrew Goldstein, Chief Digital Content Officer, Artspace/Phaidon.

5pm: Selection from Sports Closet, a performance by Alina Tenser 

6pm: Light Stain, readings from Isaac Pool, presented by What Pipeline

Isaac will be reading from his new book “Light Stain,” released by Detroit gallery What Pipeline. Pool has been described as “an imagist poet of gross Americana,” his writing noted for its “uneven syntax, with figures and events pivoting mid-line and slipping out of definition.”

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