Performance: Kurt Schwerdtfeger
Sunday, March 8, 7:30–9pm

Kurt schwerdtfeger performance microscope 1

Microscope presents a live performance of Kurt Schwerdtfeger’s “Reflektorishe Farblichtspiele (Reflecting Color-Light-Play)” (1922/66) in connection with a solo exhibition of the work at the gallery through March 15th.

The piece — which consists of up to five movements, or “Sätze” including: “Vegetativ Form,” “Bauhaus 1922,” “Streifen und Gitter” (Stripes and Grids), “Rotes Quadrat” (Red Square), and “Hommage à Oskar Schlemmer” — utilizes a large hand-built cube projection apparatus in which performers activate stencil shapes and a switchboard of colored lights to form a complex, abstract light play appearing on its screen surface.

The performance features Tessa Hughes-Freeland on the keyboard-like light system; Genevieve White and Stephanie Wuertz manipulating the stenciled shapes, and Ray Sweeten on live sound augmentations to the 1966 soundtracks by Wolfgang Roscher, as well as offering additional visual support.

Sunday, March 8, 7:30–9pm

Microscope Gallery
1329 Willoughby Ave.

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