NADA x​ Trash​ Project​ Governors​ Island​ Clean​ Up
Friday, June 21, 5pm

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Join NADA House and Trash Project on Friday, June 21, 5–7pm for an evening of clean up on Governors Island. Come volunteer and give back to the local community, while exploring the natural habitat of the park.

The clean up will be followed by refreshments at NADA House along with special performances, Cathartic Comedy and Cat Paintings, hosted by Jennifer Sullivan, with Zuriel Waters, Seung-Min Lee, Peter LaBier, Jenna Rosenberg, Aaron Storck.

All volunteers will receive complimentary ferry service.


NADA x Trash Project
Governors Island Clean Up
Friday, June 21, 5–7pm

NADA House
House 403, 404A, 404B, Colonels Row
Governors Island

Trash Project is an ongoing artwork for urban beautification and environmental awareness, and host of monthly events promoting the art of sustainability, stewardship, and cleanliness. The project uses pink polka-dotted trash bags to highlight and transform the different aspects of waste culture. Trash Project was founded in Harlem in 2008 by Adrian K.

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