NADA Presents:
Eyelash VI, VII, VIII
Sunday, December 9, 4pm


PERFORMANCE: EYELASH “VI, VII, VIII”, a mixed media divination and cleansing ritual by Glenda Romualdo and Nick DeLuca. Presented with Ontopo.

Ontopo is an on-going series of performative and participatory projects based on collective creative exchange. With a multi-faceted embrace of visual, culinary, design, sound, architectural, healing and performance arts, Ontopo reimagines the relationship between creating and consuming, author and audience in the age of accelerated production.

NADA Presents is a series of conversations, performances, and events during NADA Miami, December 6–9, 2018, showcasing unique voices in contemporary art and culture. Join us as they share the stage in an eclectic line-up of public programs.

NADA Presents is made possible with Major Support by Snark.art, a digital laboratory for art and technology that taps into the creative possibilities of the blockchain.


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