Member​ Tour​ of​ Substation​ 9​ with​ Bill​ Jenkins

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NADA Members are invited for a walk-through of “Substation 9” with artist Bill Jenkins, organized by Laurel Gitlen. Performances by artists Alina Tenser and Gloria Maximo will follow.

The first iteration of Jenkins’ Substation project was at Laurel Gitlen gallery in Spring 2014, and the most recent was last year at NADA Member gallery CAPITAL in San Francisco.

From the artist:

“Each project is scaled and customized to a room and its light resources using a utilitarian approach (hasty/cheap). If I were to choose my words more carefully, though, I would say: “planning and construction are expedited per site and circumstance to reflect and exaggerate living in an on-demand economy that compels us to interpret and internalize the needs of international capitalism as our own individual needs.” But, between you and me, these siphon stations are basically an elaborate complaint about all that an opportunity to produce the satisfaction of seeing something function straightforwardly, point A to point B, in our “ecosystem.” I don’t know if these projects are just pessimistic sculptures, or if I’m hopeful that I can work out an alternative mode of living with art. I’m building structures that intentionally compound architectural problems of living in an environment designed to extract value and from people and places, but they’re also meant to quickly reformat these conditions without the slow-down effects of legal, professional, structural, or market integrity. Perhaps forgoing viability to achieve a certain degree of architectural malleability will gestate something useful, even as a negative example. Perhaps, at best, I’m just building temporary sensory rest stops.“

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