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From Dayanita Singh’s ““Zakir Hussain” book, via of The New York Times

The Photo Book as Art Object, The New York Times (Dayanita Singh / Callicoon Fine Arts)

EJ Hill stood on a podium at the Hammer for 78 days in a work about race, art and winning, Los Angeles Times (Artadia)

12 Artists On: Climate Change, The New York Times (Erin Jane Nelson / Document)

Earth, Wind & Fire: Rediscovering the Elemental Art of J.B. Blunk, Frieze (The Landing)

Review: Part totem, part troll doll, Jon Pylypchuk’s enchanted forest is joyfully silly, Los Angeles Times (Nino Mier Gallery)

How This Brooklyn-Based Artist is Transforming Palestinian Folk Art, The Wall Street Journal (Jordan Nassar / Anat Ebgi)

Nicelle Beauchene Gallery Will Open Second Space, in Lower East Side Apartment, ARTnews

This fall, our new series In the Making goes in-depth with 8 of Canada’s most vital creative voices, CBC News (Curtis Talwst Santiago / Rachel Uffner Gallery)

Cities of the Future, Their Color, The Paris Review (Edie Fake / Western Exhibitions)

Caleb Considine: Sandpaper Tongue, Mousse (Bureau)

Dark Enlightenment: An Interview with David Lynch, Border Crossings (Kayne Griffin Corcoran)

Looking But Not Seeing? Darla Migan on Faith Ringgold, Text Zur Kunst (Weiss Berlin

The Power of Painterly Innocence, Hyperallergic (Billy White / Shrine)

Project: Awol Erizku, Artforum (Nina Johnson)

Review: Ethan Cook’s paintings are not paintings. Or are they?, Los Angeles Times (Anat Ebgi)

Why Sara Rahbar is hanging the American flag for safety, tolerance and togetherness, The National (Carbon12)

Review: Ruby Sky Stiler, Artforum (Nicelle Beauchene Gallery)

Emile Gossiaux’s “After Image” at False Flag, Topical Cream

Stranger and More Interesting: Bayne Peterson’s Layered Abstractions, Juxtapoz (Kristin Lorello)

Nadia Haji Omar’s Multicultural Cartography, Hyperallergic (Kristin Lorello)

Johannes Vogt Gallery, Formerly of New York’s Lower East Side, Decamps for Madison Avenue, ARTnews

Interview: Patrick Brennan, Work in Progress (Halsey McKay Gallery)