NADAWAVE is a year-round programming series founded by Common Space and NADA that brings together experimental live music, performances, and nightlife. The program focuses on artists and musicians working with challenging sounds and influences, presented in the context of a vibrant high-energy dance party.

In collaboration with partners, NADA has consistently showcased breakout musicians, DJs, and performance at parties, including Alterazioni Video, Fatima Al Qadri, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Deerhoof, Dent May, Denzel Curry, Diamond Terrifier, Don Christian, The Drums, Casey Jane Ellison, Fade to Mind, Gang Gang Dance, HD, IOIA, Matthew Higgs, JUICEBOXXX, Juliana Huxtable, Ken Kagami, Richard Kennedy, Kingdom, Maggie Lee, Max McFerren, Malcolm Mooney, Merkx & Gwynne, MikeQ, Narcissister, NIGHT DOLL, Nils Bech, Nguzunguzu, No Age, Omulu, Panda Bear, Michael Portnoy, Jory Rabinovitz, Scott and Tyson Reeder, RIOBAMBA, Sadaf, Jon Santos, Omar Souleyman, SSPS, Tygapaw, and more.