VIP Ambassador, Helena Czernecka's Europe Spotlight

Helena Czernecka is a contemporary art collector and Board Member of the Friends of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Helena has worked for art collections and galleries in London, Paris and Miami, including Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Almine Rech Gallery and the Margulies Collection. She is also the founder of the Friends’ Art Prize presented during the gallery-share initiative FOAF Warsaw. In 2020 she was on the jury of the ING Polish Art Foundation art prize, as well as on the committee of the “160 scholarships for 160 years of the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts” grant programme by Zachęta National Gallery of Art.

Photo credit: Stanisław Boniecki
14a, Hamburg
Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann and Emanuel Mauthe, Parisienne (sept), 2020

"I like how the artists transformed an everyday action into a grand gesture. It reminds me of throwing down the gauntlet and this year has been challenging indeed. Symbolism is combined here with craft and delicacy in a very playful way."

Soft Opening, London
Gina Fischli, Chardonnay, 2020

"I feel like this glass of wine from Fischli’s series of glitter works informed by cliches of taste emblematic of our very conscious middle-class environments rose to a new level of significance since the first lockdown. I appreciate her penetrating simplicity and sense of humour."

Gallery Artbeat, Tbilisi
Nika Kutateladze, From First to Second Day, We were Cutting Up the House. From Second to Third Day, We were Throwing Walls from Above. From Third to Fourth Day We were Braking the Floor in Parts. From Fourth to Fifth Day We Collected Debris and Then Everyone was Happy, 2019

"A site-specific installation in a gallery during lockdown is courageous and Kutateladze’s approach to architecture and memory is impressive. Informed by history and architecture of his natal Georgia the artist covered the gallery walls with steel pieces taken from dismantled houses in a village in Guria that he has been researching. The effect is poetic and ambitious."

Raster, Warsaw
Emilia Kina, Untitled, 2020

"There is something very soothing about Emilia Kina’s reliefs. It is a contemporary take on the classic art historical motive of draperies and of painting perceived as an open window, in which Kina closes the curtains on the surrounding excess and overdose of imagery."

Polana Institute, Warszawa
Olga Micińska, Drifta 2, 2020

"Micińska’s research-based practice is eloquent and her style is refined but she doesn’t lack playfulness. Her take on data and algorithms through the exploration of the craft of weaving is an interesting investigation of female labour and technology."

Parisa Kind, Frankfurt
Isabelle Fein, Together, 2020

"This intimate scene reminiscent of Chagall or Matisse reminds me of a film still, a tender moment of togetherness. Fein’s paintings are heart-warming and serendipitous."

Iragui, Moscow
Pavel Pepperstein, Gia Kokhiladze discovered “Heads of Siamese twins” in 2069. From the series Marble Head Hunters, 2016

"Pepperstein’s work is for me an archetypical representation of the sometimes-absurd historical layering of culture and politics in post-soviet Russia. Drawing from traditional and popular sources, his visual language - in which writing goes hand in hand with imagery - is rich, playful and didactic."