Artists must be based in any of NYC’s five boroughs; space is limited to a maximum of seven artists.

NADA will prioritize artists who meet any of the below criteria:

  • Artists most in need of space in the wake of COVID-19.

  • Artists of diverse racial identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations from across NYC.

  • Artists whose practices give back to, or aim to make positive change within, the NYC cultural community and/or the City at large.

  • Artists whose practices address important sociopolitical issues, including but not limited to public health, gender discrimination, immigration, racial equity and equality, climate change and environmental justice.

  • Artist and cultural workers whose practices will benefit from working on Governors Island as a public space serving diverse audiences.

Residency Timeline

The general residency period is August-October 2020, with move-in/out periods in late July and early November. Move-ins can begin upon acceptance, and the last day for move-outs will be November 13.

Participants in the residency programs on Governors Island will have access to the Island from 7am-6pm on weekdays and from 7am-7pm on weekends, with a full ferry schedule forthcoming. Ferries before 10am are limited to staff only, including artists participating in the residency programs.

Health & Safety

The Trust for Governors Island will be following official COVID-19 safety procedures and cleaning guidelines on the ferries on public bathrooms throughout the island. Resident artists will work together with NADA to follow all official COVID-19 cleaning guidelines to maintain the safety of the residency spaces.

How to Apply

Interested artists can apply by sending an email to application@newartdealers.org.

The email subject should include the artist’s name and the name of the gallery who has recommended their application.

The email should include a short paragraph describing need for space and intended use of the space; along with up to 5 images of work examples and the artist’s CV.