Governors​ Island
May​ 2 – August 4​, 2019

The second edition of NADA’s collaborative, public exhibition on Governors Island will take place May 2 – August 4, 2019 in an expanded format, across 22 rooms in two neighboring turn-of-the-century Colonial Revival buildings. The exhibition will open concurrently with Frieze New York and will run through the summer, with monthly programmatic activations.

NADA Gallery Members are invited to propose an artist for this collaborative format that will engage the unique character of the spaces, and understand the public nature of this exhibition and its audiences. The island’s transition from military use to its current state as a site for artistic, scientific, and urban experimentation; and the domestic space of this house, present an unusual, exciting context for a group of artists to display their work.

As Governors Island has existed as a small community alongside, yet distinctly separate from the metropolis of New York City for many years, this project presents an opportunity to bring together works that address its changing identity as it pertains to utopias, heterotopias, and the formation of alternative communities.

For reference, click here to view installation images of the 2018 edition