NADA is pleased to announce public programs during the first edition of the Chicago Invitational, September 18–21, 2019, at the Chicago Athletic Association hotel.

NADA Presents is a series of conversations, performances, and events during the fair, showcasing unique voices in contemporary art and culture.

Participants include Larry Achiampong, Daniel R. Quiles, Melissa​ Brown, Josh Dihle, Michelle Grabner, Tony Lewis, Tim Mann, Roland Miller, Raven Munsell, Haynes Riley, Eric Ruschman, Jack Schneider, Kate Sierzputowski, Vincent Uribe, Tom Bianchi, David Getsy, Deana​ Haggag​, Ebony​ G.​ Patterson​, Kahlil​ Robert​ Irving​, Dan​ Berger​, and Anahita Razmi.


Related Videos

Related Videos is a platform for Chicago Invitational exhibitors and cultural partners to showcase artists working in video.

Participating artists include:
Larry Achiampong (Copperfield)
Farah Al Qasimi (Helena Anrather)
Christopher Aque (Regards)
Christopher Corey Allen (HAIRandNAILS)
Mary Helena Clark (DOCUMENT)
Ryan Fontaine and Kristin Van Loon w/ HIJACK (HAIRandNAILS)
Jules Gimbrone (Helena Anrather)
Marc Hurtado w/ Alan Vega (NEW DISCRETIONS)
Layet Johnson (Good Weather)
Ken Kagami and COBRA (Misako & Rosen)
Kyunghwan Kwon (ONE AND J. Gallery)
Jennifer Levonian (Adams and Ollman)
Marievic (Stems Gallery)
Anahita Razmi (Carbon 12)
Karen Sherman (HAIRandNAILS)
Miriam Simun (Helena Anrather)
Molly Soda (Jack Barrett)
Greg Stimac (DOCUMENT)
Andrew Norman Wilson (DOCUMENT)

Related Videos will also feature a selection of films from the archive of The South Side Home Movie Project.

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