Artadia is delighted to partner with the New Art Dealer’s Alliance for NADA New York 2013, where we will give an unrestricted $4,000 award for an artwork at the fair. A jury comprised of two internationally renowned curators will walkthrough the fair on it’s opening day, Friday, May 10, to determine the award winner. The names of the jurors will be announced along with the award recipient on Saturday, May 11.

Merkx & Gwynne Present

Merkx & Gwynne present “King Arthur Green Room” at NADA New York 2013. This is the latest installment of King Arthur Rock Opera (KARO), an ongoing series of projects borrowing familiar narrative tropes from Arthurian legend as both generator and armature for creative production. KARO is a multifaceted campaign of New Wave Medievalism encompassing music, film, theater, and art.
Contributing Artists to Merkx & Gwynne Present:
Cy Amundson, Gina Beavers, Katherine Behar, Jessica Bennett, Paul Bergeron, Becket Bowes, Maria Chavez, Angela Conant, Andy Cross, Tania Cross, Cynthia Daignault, Michael DeLucia, Tyler Dobson, Sarah Dornner, John Finneran, Michael S. Flannery, Ron Flannery, Tamara Gonzales, MK Guth, Dmitri Hertz, Rachel Higgins, Matthew Hilshorst, Anders Holen, Matt Hoyt, Tonya Huskey, Daniel Isengart, Paul Jacobsen, Jonathan Jacobson, Elizabeth Jaeger, Kristen Jensen, Joshua Johnson, Brian Kelly, Gavin Kenyon, Viktor Kopp, Jule Korneffel, Denise Kupferschmidt, Benjamin Lowney, Jen Macdonald, Chris Martin, Lionel Maunz,  Filip Noterdaeme, Rome Petersson, Arianna Petrich, Rebecca Poland, Birgit Rathsmann, Karin Rathsmann, Sarah Rogers, Julia Rommel, Kelly Woods, Zerek Kempf

Little Collector

Join LittleCollector for a fun-filled tour of the NADA New York! Kids will join LittleCollector’s art educational expert as they discover the fair in a whole new light, where medium, scale, narrative, symmetry and genre will be introduced. Kids will have the chance to be directly inspired by artists and their works. Plus all participants will receive a LittleCollector backpack and activity guide. Adult supervision will be provided so that parents may enjoy the fair. 

Dates: Saturday May 11, Sunday May 12
Time: 11am
Duration: 45 mins
RSVP:, limited availability
Ages: For children 5 and up

Abrons Arts Center

The Abrons Arts Center of Henry Street Settlement supports the presentation of innovative, multi-disciplinary work; cultivates artists in all stages of their creative development through educational programs, commissions, and residencies; and serves as an intersection of cultural engagement for local, national, and international audiences and arts-workers. Each year the Abrons awards residencies to five visual artists and one curator through its AIRspace program, organizing visits with critics and curators, an Open Studios event, and a culminating group exhibition.